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Match Preparation in Football Manager 2011 permits you to chip away at your pre-match arrangement as well as it enables you to prepare your group with respect to their strategic capability. It’s anything but a conspicuous preparing module, however it ought to be checked out as though it was essential for the preparation framework. Preparing covers just Technical and Physical credits, while it’s Match Preparation which prepares a players strategic traits.

To make a compensating preparing routine through MP, you need to over and over chip away at a similar strategic arrangement. In case you work on further developing one arrangement you will see the commonality bar ascend because of the group turning out to be more alright with that framework. This is the reason it’s significant not to ‘cleave and change’ your strategies too fundamentally when they’re not functioning admirably for you.

Beside the preparation part of MP, you should take note of that the “Extraordinary Focus Areas” setting is superb for taking advantage of the resistance’s development or arrangement. You should hope to do your pre match exploring (more underneath) and afterward use this module to make your group center around one technique for taking advantage of the resistance’s shortcomings. Recollect that choosing a SFA will occupy the group from different spaces of their game, however assuming you get the SFA arrangement to effectively take advantage of an adversary who are – for instance – powerless at corners, then, at that point, you may observe the outcome is definitely more sure than basically picking to work inside your own style of play. ทีเด็ดฟุตบอล

Keep in mind, setting the MP responsibility will affect the Training responsibility, so attempt to track down an equilibrium for your group. Everything revolves around considering assuming you need to work in the group as a unit or on players as people – then, at that point, make setting the sliders to the levels you need. I’d by and by work in the group more than the players, then, at that point, when the group is at a decent level, bring down the SFA responsibility and spotlight on working on the people. Clearly, observing an equilibrium is as yet imperative, so don’t be amazingly one-sided to one center region.

How about we investigate the Special Focus Areas.

Group Blend

This permits you to zero in your players in better arrangement how their partners work with the ball. By utilizing this SFA, you’re ready to assemble a group unit, as opposed to having 11 outsiders playing in your side.

Cautious Positioning

This permits you to ‘penetrate’ your group in the craft of protection. The best groups are the hardest to take advantage of in guard, and by zeroing in on this space, you’re ready to bring down the danger of player’s being in some unacceptable position when under tension at the back and provide them guidance on the most proficient method to work as a protective unit, rather than depending on the safeguards to do all the cautious work.

Assaulting Positioning

This permits you to ‘run plays’ with the group. With this SFA, you’re ready to impact the players into assaulting in numbers, rather than assaulting as people. This permits you to have players in better assaulting positions when crosses enter the crate, or when counter-assaults are being executed. With this, you’re ready to have your group working ‘in order’ when they’re assaulting.

Guarding Set-Pieces

This permits you to prepare the group to be more capable when guarding corners or free-kicks. Having a group who know precisely what should be done and how the players around them will respond when the ball comes at them, is something you will truly profit from when they’ve dominated this Special Focus Area.


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