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Here is a couple picks during the current end of the week’s activity:

Dallas/Carolina UNDER 37 1/2 (3 units)…Both groups will battle to move the ball and support drives. The Dallas O-Line is not doing so great, and they’ll need to run the ball a few (with very little successs) to allow Bledsoe any kind of opportunity to remain upstanding, and as long as the Dallas D doesn’t permit Delhomme and Smith to go off, it’ll be difficult for the Panthers to mount much repulsively…

Carolina 13 Dallas 10

Tampa Bay – 3 (2 units): Atlanta has demonstrated they can’t beat the better groups in the association. Tampa will bounce back from their helpless play last week, in which they were overmatched by perhaps the most sultry group in the NFL. They’ll get the Cadillac going this week for more than 125 yds surging.

Vick really had a decent passing game when these groups met last time (those are rare), yet the Bucs D will be all over him on Saturday. Tampa’s returning to the end of the season games following a two-year abscence..

Bucs 24 Atl 13

Kansas City +1 (2 units)…Chiefs as a home doggie ?? Well groups have a ton to play for, so this isn’t thought of as a “disappointment” spot for SD subsequent to beating Indy. Yet, it is a HUGE task to anticipate that they should succeed at Indy AND KC in consecutive weeks…

LT is beaten up, however will play. คาสิโนมาแรง He might be restricted however, which is awful information for the Chargers. The key will be if KC can run against SD’s front, which has been superb.

Larry Johnson might not have an entire lotta space to run, however he’ll be adequately viable to assist with keeping the hotness off Trent Green, who I hope to have a colossal day.

I give KC a slight edge on Saturday, which will keep the AFC trump card race a wreck paving the way to week 17..

KC 30 San Diego 24 (slight shelter the over too)


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