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ADIDAS came from the consolidated three-letter epithet of Adolph which is Adi and the initial three-letter of his last name which is Dassler, consequently shaping the most well known brand, ADIDAS and where the main Adidas soccer ball came from. Adidas’ approach into soccer ball started in the mid 1970’s when FIFA soccer authorized the organization to supply the yearly rivalry with its authority match ball.

Way well before the 1970 Mexico match, Adidas has been roused as of now by the Chilean World Cup in 1962. They were so immersed of that match that the organization named their first series of World Cup balls “Santiago”. This was the beginning of the organization’s prosperity. A considerable lot of their soccer ball series came out after the underlying accomplishment of their Santiago.

Recorded underneath were the names of the organization’s chronicled soccer ball series and the years they were delivered: ทีเด็ดบอลจากยอดเซียน

1970 (Mexico): TELSTAR – It comprises of 12 dark boards of pentagon examples and 20 white hexagonal examples fitted together.

1974 (West Germany): CHILE-DURLAST – This model followed the TELSTAR achievement in Mexico.

1978 (Argentina): TANGO – This model is named after the public dance of the Argentina, the Tango.

1982 (Spain): TANGO ESPAÑA – This is the primary Adidas soccer ball to be fitted with the most progressive water-sealing materials.

1986 (Mexico): AZTECA – This model is somewhat more progressed, polyurethane made and water evidence.

1990 (Italy): ETRUSCO – Aside from polyurethane froth inside, texture covered under layer is covered with latex to forestall tearing and kept up with solidness.

1994 (USA): QUESTRA – It is intended to fly quicker when kicked. It was made of polystyrene froth outside.

1998 (France): TRICOLOR – It is named after the three-shaded French banner.

2002 (KOREA-JAPAN): FEVERNOVA – This ball has a thicker internal layer to have a precision of its direction.

2006 (Germany): TEAMGEIST – This most recent model is named the most dependable and the most exact soccer ball at any point created by the best organization.

Without a doubt this isn’t the last ball that this organization could create. However long this organization existed, an ever increasing number of advancements would in any case keep on coming up and will be delighted in by future players.


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