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During the 2004 summer, my nation of origin, Greece had the advantage to be the hero in two critical and lofty occasions in the country’s games history; the EURO 2004 Soccer Championship and the 2004 Olympic Games. In the EURO 2004 Soccer Championship, the National Soccer Team of Greece acquired the title as the new European Soccer Championship and by facilitating effectively the 2004 Olympic Games, has demonstrated to the world that it can outperform even the most stunning assumptions for its faultfinders.

At the point when Theodoros Zagorakis, the Greek public soccer group chief, lifted the Cup of the EURO 2004 Championship, each Greek, from one side of the planet to the other, felt pleased to have a place with this country. It is hard to depict the staggering inclination everybody felt that evening when the Greek soccer group figured out how to overcome the public Portuguese soccer group in their country, at the public arena in Lisbon, with a solitary objective. That warm summer evening, each Greek, man or lady, kid or senior, was seeing the most expected game in the Greek games history. The solid heartbeat everybody felt that evening was one of the main minutes in each Greek’s life.

Soccer is as yet the darling game of Greece and with this unforeseen outcome soccer has figured out how to conquer social hindrances old enough, legislative issues and sex, forming another game character. Nothing comparative has occurred at any point ever to Greeks. Nothing as incredible as that solitary shout of happiness, has ever in the contemporary Greek games history, joined together so powerfully this country. For quite a long time after this achievement, Greeks were as yet unfit to accept the result of their public soccer group’s endeavors and everybody wanted to celebrate over and over their gigantic achievement. For some pundits, critical, if not more than the players’ endeavors, was the presence of Mr. Otto Rehhagel, the German mentor of the Greek public soccer group, who figured out how to turn into the most recognizable and amicable face in the Greek public outperforming the distinction and status of all of his Greek soccer partners. His administration style, his character and his diligence, turned into another public song of devotion for Greeks, who have made his profile the cutting edge symbol for an old Greek god. ยูฟ่าเบทขั้นต่ำ

In this specific significant game occasion, each Greek felt like their help was projected in the field and their quality felt by the players, impacting each outcome in the series of the games played, arriving at its top during the last. From the known fantasies of sports, the twelfth man was the exemplary hallucination that advanced the onlookers’ wishing, shouting and cheering. The eleven contemporary legends of the Greek public soccer group stretched out Greece’s political culture to its unseen cutoff points and developed the publics’ confidence in the ‘covered up star-quality’ that could enlighten by and by everybody’s life, as long as happenstance advances and timing is correct. These eleven stars, won a particular spot in the hearts of each Greek, changing themselves to good examples, looking like to the acclaim and renown of antiquated champions. From the front lines of this European Soccer Championship, this current group’s determination, exertion and consistency, assumed the most vital part in the turnout. In this way, the Greeks will esteem the entire competitors’ achievement, in numerous years to come.


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