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Football card collecting started as a modest hobby in the beginning with partisans buying tobacco products and chewing gum for the free Football cards that were found inside. Comparable to baseball cards, football cards for the first time appeared in the late 1800’s. Football is the most popular spectator sport in the United States, and accumulating football cards is a love for a lot of football fans. Once you have begun collecting, you will want to learn how to figure out the value of an individual football card.

You can do this by purchasing a price guide or going to These will help you figure out there current values. So as I am sure you already know, amassing football cards for most people is more than just an investment. If you’re, like me, a football card collector, then you must have exhausted a long time looking up player statistics and their records as a child with your collection. There is no better way to follow your favorite players than collecting football cards. There are many ways to collect Cards. Below we will break them down for you.

Vintage Cards

Vintage cards are definitely fun to collect. Vintage cards are normally football cards that were produced before 1960. These cards are very hard to find in good condition but are also very valuable to collect. People that collect vintage cards normally are not just collectors but also investors. เที่ยวจีน

Rookie Cards

Many people enjoy collecting rookie cards. Rookie cards are the first cards of a given player. These cards are also normally the most expensive card of that given player. Many fans enjoy collecting the rookie cards of there favorite players of the past and future. Due to the high demand these cards tend to rise in value much faster than a regular issed card that is not the players rookie.

As you can see card collecting can be a joyful experience that connects you with you favorite team and periods in time that you will always want to remember. It can also be a very profitable experience.



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