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At the point when you see how to gauge the substance of a school football crew, you can regularly anticipate a surprising misfortune. It is more hard to foresee precisely when it will occur. At the point when Stanford upset Southern California 24-23 last Saturday (10-6-07) many individuals were astounded. I was not.

No. 2-positioned USC was an ideal 4-0 coming into the game and had delighted in 5 straight periods of public top-4 completes, BCS bowl appearances and Pac 10 Conference titles. Stanford was a 6-score longshot, had lost 41-3 at home to Arizona State seven days sooner, had lost to USC 42-0 per year prior, and completed last year with a horrible 1-11 record.

So what was the deal? Study these three arrangements of figures to distinguish a few pieces of information. The first is the earlier week’s AP Top 25 Poll, the second is Sagarin’s numerical appraisals of a group’s presentation strength against shared adversaries, and the third is Sagarin’s numerical evaluations of a group’s timetable strength.

The AP Poll is comprised of 65 media types who follow and report in school football crews. Sagarin is Jeff Sagarin, who creates the best quality level among rating administrations. Sagarin’s appraisals address the normal timetable trouble looked by each group, considering the rating of the rival and the area of the game. UFABET ราคาบอลดีสุด

AP Top 25 Poll – Sagarin Rating – Schedule Rank

1) LSU 1) LSU 1) Washington

2) Southern California 2) Southern California 2) Notre Dame

3) California 3) Ohio State 3) Colorado State

4) Ohio State 4) Oklahoma 4) Stanford

5) Wisconsin 5) California 5) Marshall

6) South Florida 6) South Florida 6) Tennessee

7) Boston College 7) West Virginia 7) Mississippi

8) Kentucky 8) Arizona State 8) North Carolina

9) Florida 9) Florida 9) Colorado

10) Oklahoma 10) Auburn 10) AA Sam Houston

11) South Carolina 11) Oregon 11) Auburn

12) Georgia 12) UCLA 12) Akron

13) West Virginia 13) Georgia 13) Duke

14) Oregon 14) Cincinnati 14) East Carolina

15) Virginia Tech 15) Boston College 15) LA-Monroe

16) Hawaii 16) Kentucky 16) Florida International

17) Missouri 17) South Carolina 17) Florida State

18) Arizona State 18) Missouri 18) Syracuse

19) Texas 19) Kansas State 19) UCLA

20) Cincinnati 20) Connecticut 20) Brigham Young

21) Rutgers 21) Florida State 21) Oregon

22) Clemson 22) Boise State 22) San Diego State

23) Purdue 23) Purdue 23) Washington State

24) Kansas State 24) Wisconsin 24) Wake Forest

25) Nebraska 25) Texas 25) Miami (Ohio)

How is it possible that Stanford would vexed USC? Indeed, for a certain something, despite the fact that USC has undeniably more ability, its ability didn’t appear for the game. USC’s ability was “at” the game yet not “in” the game.

USC was 4-0 and positioned No. 2 going into the game and Stanford was 1-3 and positioned No. 83, yet Stanford had played the fourth hardest timetable in the country before the Cardinal showed up at USC as the opposing group. USC had played the 38th hardest timetable.

You choose if this was a factor or not. I say it was a factor. Absolutely, USC didn’t think Stanford was that intense of a rival; the Trojans followed through on a major cost by not being ready. Here is another model. I have said for quite a long time that Wisconsin was exaggerated. The Badgers were 5-0 and positioned No. 5 going into Illinois while the Illini were unranked, yet resentful Wisconsin 31-26.

Wisconsin might have been positioned No. 5 however its Sagarin rating was No. 24 and the Badgers had played the 90th hardest timetable. Sagarin’s appraising for Illinois was No. 40, however the Illini had played the 39th hardest timetable.

Still not persuaded? Kentucky was 5-0 and positioned No. 8 going into South Carolina and lost to the Gamecocks 38-23.

Kentucky had a Sagarin rating of No. 16 and had played the 92nd hardest timetable. South Carolina was 4-1 and positioned No. 11, had a Sagarin rating of No. 17 and had played the 47th hardest timetable.

In a conflict of unbeatens, Purdue was 5-0, positioned No. 23 and facilitated the Ohio State Buckeyes who beat them 23-7. Sagarin’s evaluating for Purdue was additionally No. 23 and the Boilermakers had played the 124th hardest timetable. There is just 119 Division 1-A schools.


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