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It appears to be the in vogue measurement in the NFL is the quantity of focuses on a player gets. Basically, it’s the occasions the ball is tossed to a player. Clearly it’s significant that a player gets tossed to set up numbers, yet is it being over-advertised?

Here are the main 12 focused on WRs (Statistics starting at 10/16/09):

Andre Johnson – 52

Nate Burleson – 49

Steve Smith (NYG) – 49

Randy Moss – 48

Reggie Wayne – 48

Chad Ochocinco – 46

T.J. Houshmandzadeh – 45

Steve Smith (CAR) – 43

Santonio Holmes – 41

Calvin Johnson – 41

Wes Welker – 41

Hines Ward – 40

Presently here are the main 12 dream WRs (non-PPR groups):

Steve Smith (NYG) – 72.1

Reggie Wayne – 69.9

Andre Johnson – 67.7

Brandon Marshall – 54.8

Chad Ochocinco – 53.0

Nate Burleson – 53.0

Mario Manningham – 52.2

Miles Austin – 51.1

Roddy White – 50.9

Larry Fitzgerald – 50.0

Vincent Jackson – 49.3

Hines Ward – 49.0

Notice that five of the top focused on WRs don’t appear.

The following four most elevated scoring WRs are DeSean Jackson, เลขเด็ดงวดนี้ Mike Sims-Walker, Santana Moss, and Percy Harvin, which makes them the thirteenth sixteenth positioned dream WRs.

Jackson, Sims-Walker, and Harvin don’t rank among the main 30 focused on WRs. Santana Moss is 22nd.

Steve Smith (CAR), Wes Welker, Torry Holt, Anquan Boldin, Justin Gage, Eddie Royal, Mark Clayton, Mushin Muhammad, Bryant Johnson, Bernard Berrian, Louis Murphy, and Patrick Crayton are among the main 30 focused on WRs yet they aren’t among the best 30 dream scoring WRs. That is a faltering 40%.

While it is a helpful measurement, don’t take an excess of confidence in it. The main measurement for a WR is TDs. It is no incident that the best ten scoring WRs all have 3 or 4 TDs up until this point. Clearly a nearby second is yardage. That is the place where the scoring comes from.

PPR groups add a point for each gathering, yet I am passionately against PPR classes. It exaggerates ownership beneficiaries and dupes profound dangers. For the existence of me I can not sort out why somebody would concur that 3 gets for 15 yards ought to be more important than 1 30 yard get. That is an alternate conversation for an alternate day.

The primary concern is use focuses as a guide, however don’t overlook the deep rooted pointers of imagination creation.


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