Inspirational Videos Are Worthless

Are inspirational videos worthless? Do they have any value at all? The point of these videos is to inspire you but if that’s all it does, then perhaps they really are worthless. However, it doesn’t have to be that way. This article will discuss what actually makes a video that inspires you useful or useless and shows you how it is really up to you and Jesus motivational videos  what you do after watching one of those videos. By the time you finish this article, you will hopefully understand just how to make the best out of any type of inspiration or motivation.

If the point of inspiration videos is to in fact inspire you, then is that all it has to do to be called useful? Well, no. What is the point of being inspired or motivated if you are not going to do anything that will make any type of change in your life? There is a huge difference between being inspired and being merely entertained. If you want to have your life changed in a way that will be lasting, then it is not up to anything external like videos to make that change for you. All these videos or any other type of motivational tool can offer you is a feeling of wanting to do something.

Any type of tool that inspires and motivates you is completely useless if you don’t take action. If you were to sit through an inspirational movie that got you cheering for the main character and as well as got you to want to become a better person for example, that can be a life changing experience. The problem is when all you do is think about making changes in your life without actually doing anything. Without action, thoughts, ideas, dreams, and goals are pointless. You can sit there all day long and think about making a change in your life but until you actually take action and just do it, you won’t go anywhere.

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