Yes, A Drinking Water Filter System Can Put an

Do you frequently suffer from headaches, back pain, hypertension, and morning sickness? I have a quick and easy solution for all such common problems. It is a drinking water filter system. Surprised? Let’s find out how a water filter system can put an  solar and wind energy    easy end to all your general health problems.

Before jumping onto a drinking water filter system, let’s start with first things first.

You may remember from your biology class that the human body is made up of 70% water. Water is such a vital requirement of our body that it is required for almost each and every process taking place within us. This includes respiration, lubrication, secretion, excretion, digestion, hydration, detoxification, regeneration and almost everything.

When we do not drink ample amount of water, the fluid level in our body goes down. When our brain detects this low level of water, it signals this shortage to the rest of the body by generating histamines. It is these histamines which cause pain and fatigue, resulting in a headache.

Back pain is again caused due to the shortage of water in our body. The joints and tissues when they are properly hydrated, they absorb all physical shocks and provide support to our body. But when water level is down and they are not properly lubricated, they are not able to manage the body load and thus result in pain and swelling.

Hypertension or lower blood volume is also related to dehydration. When water level is low in body, it needs to work extra to ensure that proper blood flow is supplied to all the body parts. To achieve this, it closes some blood capillaries which increases the tension in the entire circulatory system resulting into hypertension.

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