How To River Fish – 3 Must Use Tips For River Fishing With Worms  

How To River Fish – 3 Must Use Tips For River Fishing With Worms  

I have been attempting to catch fish in rivers for more than two decades and early in my river fishing “career” (if you can call it a career?) I was taught how to river fish by a man who was as good a river fisherman as any I have since known. River fishing seems to be “in my blood” now and is my favorite form of fishing, bar none. There is   outfitters Missoula   simply nothing on this earth that compares to standing waist deep in the flowing water of a river in an attempt to catch a fish, whether the species is a rainbow trout, salmon, steelhead, smallmouth bass, or even a walleye.

In this article I will outline 3 tips for attempting to catch fish in rivers with worms, a bait that I have “fallen in love with” over the past twenty or so years. Worms (and I’m of course referring to live fishing worms such as red worms and/or night crawlers) are an excellent bait to use while river fishing for species of fish such as trout, walleye, and smallmouth bass. There is no doubt that by implementing the following tips into your fishing arsenal you will not only catch more fish, but you will also never again have to wonder how to river fish.

Deeper Water = More Success – When learning how to river fish you want to focus your efforts on deeper water (for the most part). This means that you want to look for runs and pools within the river that you are fishing that are deeper than the water that you are standing in. In many instances fish, whether you are talking about trout, smallmouth bass, or ever walleye, will hold in areas of deeper water within a river and fishing with worms by drifting said worm through these deeper water stretches can be a very effective tactic.


Natural Presentation = More Success – Any time that you are fishing with worms, especially in river fishing scenarios, the more natural that your worm appears to the fish that you are attempting to catch, the more effective it will be. This means that when  you always want to use a set of gang hooks to rig your worm. By using gang hooks a live worm is presented in a totally natural and realistic manner, which is of the utmost importance when you are fishing with worms and drifting that worm through the current of the river that you are fishing.


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